Ginger Cures High Blood Pressure, Flu, Etc

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ginger Cures High Blood Pressure, Flu, Etc.

Man has known the use of ginger as health tuber since long ago. Ginger Benefits for High Blood pressure Quite easy to wear way. Foot Soak with warm ginger water for approximately 15 minutes, this way helps the blood circulation by way of reflexology to lower blood pressure.

Other usages are ginger benefits as a reliever flu, colds and headaches
Ginger has been a long time in the trust is able to cure headaches, colds and flu trick Take fresh ginger (500 g). Fresh ginger is then sliced ​​and boiled in hot water for 20 minutes, then add brown sugar (100 grams), then drink 4 to 5 times a day. Many people have used this recipe and recovering from the flu and colds. boil ginger with boiling water to make ginger tea. In the presentation added honey, sliced ​​oranges or lemons. Can also to make candy.

Or it could be by soaking the feet to the wrist in hot ginger water. Add vinegar and salt and gradually add warm water continuously. Soak up the feet turn red, darting through either of these methods to eliminate the headache and cough.

Efficacy Ginger For Migraine.
You do this by soaking hands in warm ginger water for 15 minutes. Hope it can help relieve pain.
Natural Medicines Damage Teeth With Ginger.  It turned out that apparently ginger can use to prevent tooth decay, trick is to drink warm water or ginger.
When drunk, ginger water will increase circulation to help remove ethanol from the body. Can also add honey though more palatable.
There still many benefits of this important spice.