Tonsils - Prevention Care And Treatment

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tonsils is a collection of lymphoid cells situated on either end of the neck behind the mouth behind the anti aging. Tonsils itself provides to avoid the disease does not spread throughout the system by holding the bacteria enter the system. Therefore this amndel infected glands. Inflammation of the hypothyroid is called tonsillitis, this disease is a disorder ENT (Ear, Nasal area & Throat). Tonsillitis may be serious.

Serious form that does not usually last about 4-6 days, and generally impacts children age 5-10 years. While tonsillitis / serious tonsil occurs regularly and continues longer.

In serious tonsillitis usually starts with a a agonizing neck symptoms of a light to generally, agonizing ingesting meals, sometimes throwing up. Tonsillitis can cause the tonsils become inflammed, hot, itchiness, discomfort in joint parts and muscles, discomfort in the whole system, chills, frustration, and discomfort in the ear. The lymph nodes in the region damaged submandibuler. The back of the neck will feel puckered so hard to take. Acute inflammation of the tonsils or tonsillar swelling is not too big and not block air passage and cause no needless problems of surgery therapy / operation, because the tonsils are made of lymph cells may function to avoid the system from being exposed to illnesses associated with disease.

Some of the initiatives that we can do yourself at home for the avoidance, care and therapy performed the following steps:
  • Organized to consume a lot of liquids such as water or juice, especially during high temperature.
  • Do not consume ice, syrup, ice cream, meals and drinks cooled, fried, salted maintained foods, and candies.
  • Gargle heated salt-water 3-4 times a day.
  • Put heated squeezes on the neck every day.
  • Given anti-biotic therapy (at the direction of a doctor) if there is a disease and to avoid problems.
  • Get a lot of rest.
However, if serious tonsillitis with tonsillar swelling is too large, leading to the interruption of breathing, or the appearance of problems, often demanding surgery therapy / surgery therapy to remove the tonsils. In case of serious inflammation are advised to seek advice from the physician ENT specialist for therapy and following actions.