Eliminate Fine Lines After Pregnancy

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eliminate Fine Lines After Pregnancy
For females who had just given delivery will definitely have problems fine lines that appear on the abdomen coating due to expanded abdomen epidermis due to maternity. Which makes a feeling of doubtfulness yourself for some females. How to cope? Here are some ways for remove lines after you pregnancy:

1. Dressed in a lotion Retin-A
Use Retin-A is suggested to activate the development of bovine collagen to repair and reduce stretch-marks. The previously the lotion is used, then the result will be more effective to reduce fine lines, marks maternity. But keep in mind, Retin-A is not suggested for use during maternity or nursing.

2. Microdermabrasion
Stretch represents will long light and more difficult to cure. This condition can be fixed by Microderm is the process of removing the epidermis, raise scalp and activate bovine collagen development using metal dioxide deposits clean.

3. Consuming meals that contain protein
Collagen and flexible materials are made of proteins, so you need to be get over by consuming meals rich in proteins such as trim beef, poultry, tofu, and tempeh that can help enhance the development of bovine collagen and better epidermis flexibility.

After Pregnancy, you must eating good food and give three ways for eliminate fine lines. Read more about Infection Babies