Healthy Foods Colon Cancer Prevention

Friday, January 25, 2013

Healthy Foods Colon Cancer Prevention
Cancer is one of the most scary illnesses because it is difficult to cure and can attack anything on the body system, such as the colon. Therefore, correct lifestyle and your diet with healthy foods that can avoid cancer.

Here are some healthy foods that can avoid the chance of colon cancer:

Based on information of more than 500, 000 individuals revealed that those who absorbed at least one glass of dairy products a day, can avoid colon cancer by 15 %. Select low-fat dairy products in order to get the wellness advantages of dairy products without concerning about excess weight.

Onion and garlic
Herbs that one is almost always there in every delicacies. In addition to make meals more delightful, legumes and vegetables also contain sulfides that help clean the harmful toxins and avoid the development of cancer tissues due to its anti-oxidants. According to a study, those who absorbed 1-2 cloves of legumes weekly had a 32 % lower chance of creating colon cancer than those who hardly ever eat legumes.

Fish and chicken
According to research by the Western Potential Research of Melanoma and Nourishment (EPIC), consuming 300 grms or 10 oz. of seafood weekly can avoid colon cancer by 30 %. Fish is a sensible meals choice than beef. If you select unhealthy seafood such as fish or spanish mackerel, you can also get omega-3 human extra fat are more to decrease swelling in the gut. If you do not like to eat seafood, poultry can be an alternative with the same advantages. Research has shown that the poultry is not definitely advertising colon cancer, does not like red beef.

Broccoli, cauliflower, clothes, him, and turnips are known effective in avoiding cancer because they contain a variety of ingredients that can control the cancer-causing ingredients before they may cause harm to cell DNA.

Foods great in fiber
Experts recommend to consume foods that contain dietary roughage to more than 15 grms of dietary roughage each day. Fiber can control the speed of the meals as it goes through this tract and colon wellness. According to information from the Western Potential Research of Melanoma and Nourishment (EPIC), the lack of dietary roughage are more likely to develop colon cancer by 40 %.

Foods great in folate
Expand foods that contain vitamin b folic acid, which is a type of vitamin B that can secure tissues from DNA harm. Meals great in vitamin b folic acid can be obtained from oatmeal, orange, dark legumes, red legumes, and peas.

Black tea and natural tea
Tea since historical known as a proper drink that can help fight cancer-causing toxins as it contains anti-oxidants, known as catechins. Those who drink two or more glasses of tea per day had a reduced chance of colon cancer by 30 %.

Natural yellow color in turmeric extract known as curcumin, is regarded as anti-cancer drugs which shown successful. Curcumin is anti-inflammatory that can reduce the swelling that plays a role in growth development. Turmeric also helps eliminate harmful toxins in the body system before destructive the DNA of tissues and help repair the destruction that has been done.

Colon Cancer can be prevented by good healthy foods so eating the accurate food can help you to avoid colon cancer. Read benefits of napping now.