Skin Cancer Can Be Treated With Toxic Venomous Snakes

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Skin Cancer Can Be Treated With Toxic Venomous Snakes
Cancer is one of the "killer" number one today. A wide range of treatments performed to treat cancer, ranging from surgery, radiation to chemotherapy. But by some patients these treatments often complained of an impact that is not light for their bodies.

Not long ago, a team of researchers from the Butantan Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil, found that skin cancer can be cured by using extracts venom from a kind of poisonous snakes in South America.

According to researchers, the poison of the snake is a type of protein that contains a so-called chromatin. Chromatin may help slow the progression of the tumor, including the prevention of the formation of cancer cells thoroughly. Chromatin can kill cancer cells, but only poison attack melanoma cells that do not affect normal cells and other healthy.

Even they ensure that the increased life expectancy of patients who were given extracts of skin cancer can reach more than 70 percent. However, the research team admits that they require further experiments in animals and humans before eventually expand this extract into new cancer drugs.