Dangerous Substances In Beauty Products

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dangerous Substances In Beauty Products
The woman would want her to always look beautiful and fresh at every opportunity. One sure way to do is to use cosmetics. But did you know that the content of certain substances in cosmetics can also be dangerous to wellness when used on an continuous basis?

1. Zinc
Zinc is regarded as an important mineral that is often discovered in sun block items. But obviously according to a study performed Mo School of Health insurance coverage Science, discovered nano-sized contaminants of nutrients that cause melanoma vulnerable.

2. Petroleum
Oil is a non-renewable petrol is discovered concealing in lip items, creams, hair items, cosmetics, tooth paste and even lingerie apparel. Even 95 % of the substances used in perfumes are also resulting from oil. Though these substances block skin pores and cause pimples.

3. Benzoyl Peroxide
This material is often discovered in pimples epidermis maintenance systems. Benzoyl Bleach is known to contain harmful toxins that can damage cells in the body and become harmful if consumed.

4. Acetone
Acetone is often used to remove fingernail enhance. But do not use it too often, because Acetone can annoy the epidermis, reduce the neurological program and intervene with the breathing program.

5. Triclosan
Although commonly discovered in fluid detergent and anti-bacterial items, triclosan is far from healthy for use in epidermis maintenance systems. Because triclosan deteriorates the defense mechanisms and induce hormonal program conditions.

6. Lead
Research performed by the Strategy for Safe Cosmetics discovered that 61 % of the popular lip stick manufacturers contain a lot of cause. And cause causes learning problems, convulsions, and even death.

7. FD & C Shade Pigment
Pigment color on cosmetics and medication have been connected to a number of wellness hazards. Some pigmentation can wipe out fresh air from the blood and is known as a dangerous material.

8. Toxic Trio
Substances 'toxic trio' namely ethanol, acetone and ethyl acetate in pafrum regarded a dangerous waste by the EPA. These materials cause neurological program conditions, breathing failing, and renal disease.

I am hoped this information about dangerous beauty products can help you and read another about Foods for Colon Cancer in this blog.