Effect Of Hypertension

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Effect Of Hypertension
Hypertension or high blood stress is a condition where the high blood stress level figures show the maximum of regular. Blood veins stress is considered regular when it is in the range of 120/80. While a person is said to have high blood stress when high blood stress level is above 140/90.

Hypertension is not treated immediately will cause harm to the bloodstream that cause to the disruption of the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the parts of the body.

1. brain
Hypertension can cause harm to veins in the mind and cause to rupture of veins to the mind happens stroke.

2. heart
Blockage of veins and cause harm to the bloodstream of the center keep working harder to pump blood. Besides can induce cardiac arrest, in the long run it can cause center failing conditions

3. eye
At quite severe, high blood stress may an effect the occurrence of bleeding in the eye, even blindness.

4. kidney
If the artery is damaged, blood circulation to the kidneys and renal disrupted can not function properly to filter water and spend, so that the spend is piling up and induce renal failing and other complications.

5. bone
High high blood stress level is triggering much calcium is lost through urine so that the reduced cuboid strength and density porous and easy. Primarily happens in females who have entered menopause.

6. sex organs
In females, high blood stress can cause to loss of full sexual confidence, the vagina feels dry and can not have an orgasm. In men, it can cause to erection problems.

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