Mouth Cancer

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mouth Cancer
Years ago, a wonderful detergent safari celebrity, Cecilia Vickend passed away after a three-year fight against stage 4 tongue melanoma experienced. What is actually melanoma of the tongue?

Tongue melanoma is the most typical dental melanoma, tongue melanoma happens on the edge of the tongue, followed by the tongue, returning of the tongue, base of tongue, and others. The mouth is part of the oral hole, so there is also a discuss as dental melanoma that can attack the tongue, taste, gum area, face, floor of the mouth, and a room at the returning tooth.

The disease is unusual in the community. Even so, this kind of dental melanoma is most typical should not be overlooked. According, this kind of melanoma mostly fighting the men with an average age of 60 decades.

For those of you who suffer from canker blisters but do not go away for two weeks, be cautious. Mouth melanoma signs not much different from canker blisters. When the regular sprue, sprue place around it will feel soft when moved, but in the case of melanoma of the mouth, the place around the injure to firm up. In yeast infection, blisters where to move, whereas in melanoma, accidents that occur in the same place and never recovered. The longer the injure is regularly on the flourish. Gradually there was a group solidifies like cauliflower.

In melanoma of the tongue, the discomfort will propagate from the neck into the ear. The activity of the tongue also seems firm and agonizing ingesting. Other signs, the appearance of red or white areas on the tongue for decades, sores and swelling of the tongue regularly. Pain when eating and ingesting food. A agonizing neck for decades. Blood loss on the tongue for no reason.

In addition to smoking and genetics, mouth melanoma can also be due to habits along the cigarettes, alcohol, serious stress to the teeth, oral hole was clean, the accidents due to veneers, as well as contact with natural light, X-rays and other radioactive ingredients in excess.

The American Institution for Cancer Research suggests eating lots of almonds, fruits and vegetables, dark for example, flax seed, beans, vineyard, natural tea, soy and tomato vegetables prevent melanoma.
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