Easy Ways to Keep Your Youth

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Easy Ways to Keep Your Youth
Who would not want to still look young? Surely every man desired him to look younger, probably including you. So what should be done so that the desire can be realized?

Here are some steps that may help you realize this desire.

1. Eat little portions but often
Eat little meals every 4-5 time, so it can improve the metabolic rate of hormones in the system. Moreover, the system can work more effectively, so that the body parts are not easily damaged.

2. Do not be greedy
Excess calorie consumption will affect the body's metabolic rate which can encourage illness which then activates the ageing faster.

3. Decrease salt
Salt intake should be no more than 1 tsp. per day, consuming too much sodium causes hypertension and stroke.

4. Many fresh fruit mengkonsunsi
Fruit has the function of maintaining the balance of water and other vitamins in the system.

5. Keep your weight
Those who have a proper and balanced bodyweight, it would be far from various diseases.

6. A good and balanced diet
Begin an eating plan plan healthy and balanced with the amount of carbohydrate calorie consumption around 50% -60%, 10% -20% protein and 20% -30% fat. So the total needed each day ± 1,500 calorie consumption.

7. Excellent rest
Quality sleep, at least 8 time a day, can keep you powered back after a day of activities that is quite heavy.

8. Consume plenty of water
Drink at least 8 associated with water every day to facilitate the circulation of blood vessels that carries fresh air and energy to the body parts of the system.

9. Do not prepare the fresh vegetables too long
When cooked, the fresh vegetables will lose about 30% of supplement C and 5% try out carotene. In the case of the two ingredients serve as a natural antioxidant that can secure tissues from radiation-free. If you want to prepare fresh vegetables, prepare temporarily and try fresh vegetables do not become dark.

10. Avoid processed foods
Make a habit of consuming fresh produce, because of its vitamin content is still conscious.

11. Do not smoke
Not only encourage heart problems and other conditions, smoking is also a toxins that makes the epidermis tissues become dry and boring.

12. Two associated with dairy products every day
Milk is the best source of calcium is beneficial for building up bones, so it is not fast weak. Moreover, dairy products body fat are also believed to retain moisture and sleek epidermis.

13. Persistent consuming fish
Marine seafood full of omega-3 body fat that will reduce levels of triglycerides (fats). So it can avoid the constraint of veins. Eating seafood three times per weeks time is very good for the system.

14. Decrease meat
Most red beef contains substances evil (HCA) and toxins that have the potential to damage tissues. Eat beef once per weeks time or in a portion that is not excessive.

15. Choose tempe
Tempe full of phytoestrogens. Eat tempeh regularly, because tempeh can avoid the incident of early menopause.

16. Frequent exercise
With physical work out, will help circulation and fresh air supply to the system to be sleek. So your epidermis look lighter and fresh.

17. Friends with avocado
This one fresh fruit contains proteins, carbohydrate food, iron, try out carotene, supplement B complex and vitamin b folic acid. All ingredients are effective for removing and plumping the epidermis, feed hair and secure the epidermis from the sun.

18. Consume soy milk
Drink 1 cup of soy dairy products every day, because they contain lecithin which serves to promote cell regrowth, so that healthy and balanced epidermis is always maintained.

19. Eating broccoli
Broccoli bekhasiat to speed up the recovery procedure and avoid premature ageing, because spinach contains try out carotene and supplement C.

20. Keep your supplement C needs
Vitamin C is essential to ward off toxins ingredients (toxins) in the system.

This is twenty easy ways to keep your youth everyday.