Terms For Being Healthy

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Terms For Being Healthy

Organs of living organism are having very important function. however  they are functioning because all the terms of being healthy are fulfilled. The human body is made ​​up of millions of cells that need food for survival, as well as waste-metabolism (toxic) should be removed from the cell.
Cells from various tissues of the body after a certain period of death and should be replaced by new cells to extend the mandate of the dead cells. When the body do the work it needs energy, and this energy must be of food of origin. Food had to be based on the type and number to what is needed by the cells of the body.

Besides having enough water, public knew the term four of five perfectly healthy, the carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, corn), protein (meat, fish, soy), vegetables and fruits as a source of vitamins and minerals when added to a glass of milk the menu had to be perfect.

As explained earlier that parts of this food must be in accordance with the needs. When the measures of a less or more will result in pain. If the amount is more for the particular food, it can also cause sickness.
Obesity is now recognized that many disease sufferers particularly troublesome young woman. Suppose that iron deficiency can cause anemia, vitamin B1 deficiency causes beriberi disease and neurological disorders, and so on.
While seoseorang doing gymnastics for deriving energy when food is not enough then it is not healthy to be increased but the emergence of the disease. Be submitted here that the amount of water in the body should be sufficient to transport food and O2 and transport of metabolic wastes from the tissues easily accomplished.
Water is considered quite about 3 to 4 liters per day. With sufficient water, the disposal of the waste-metabolism through sweat and urine smoothly until the body feels fresh and the risk of stone formation in the urinary tract becomes small. The long-lasting lack of certain substances or waste-long overlap metabolism in the body. such as in the intestine, can cause cancer.

Diseases due to lack of yesteryear can not be overcome by adding energy to the patient. In this case the material needed to help these have happened if the agent had not been granted.
Balance between work and rest must be suitable. Generally been applied as working hours are 8 hours per day. 7-8 hours of sleep and hours of rest for relaxing. When the cells of the body conducting the long-period of time, the cells had been in need of a break to undergo repairs needed. When the cells had been driven continuously without giving a chance to break it can happen that the residual metabolism (toxins) accumulated so people do not feel comfortable just yet, dizziness. Nausea, and so on.
Gyms raining participants can improve activities such as 10-12 hours a day but not forever. Emotions and thoughts must be true that one should always think about the good and happiness, this will provide an opportunity to factories in the body to produce substances that are required, for example, antibodies, enzymes, hormones, and so on.

Instead, when in situations of stress due to be scared or any other such thing, then the factories in our body works to be chaotic, the heart will continue to be driven, high blood pressure, digestive and urinary tracts chaotic.
When you are to get a healthy there are terms for being  healthy, Establishing good  relations, avoid or do not quarrelsome, not revenge and want to help or to forgive others. Always seek the guidance of the Almighty God in order to be guided to the right path. Prayer regularly and spontaneously.