Cannot be Healthy Without Water

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cannot be Healthy Without Water

Water is a prime important in this life. No living thngs could survive to live without water. So we propose a question, Cannot have a day without Water for a Healthy and Worthy

Everyday living things require water be it humans, animals, and plants. Whether it's for drinking, eating, bathing, washing, etc. own human bodies are 80% water, the drinking water needs of humans are also quite a lot or high. To meet the need of drinking water in humans have done some efforts by the government, among others, set up a business entity or regional water company in order to supply the needs of the public drinking water.

Water Taps
Human in urban areas or regions not everyone can get access to drinking water. even if there were mostly complaining about the high content of chlorine so it can not directly be taken or processed. for those who do not have access to drinking water from wells on the government usually makes the soil and in the store or in the capacity that will be used for daily needs.

According to our other health articles often read at least we should drink at least 8 glasses a day or the equivalent of 1.9 liters intended for people who move in a normal or healthy condition. other than that there are some conditions that make us have to consume more water such as after exercise, when you're sick, when you're pregnant or breastfeeding.  So that we are sure drinking water healthy and viable it must know the requirements well drinking water consumption in accordance with the regulations of health minister. So we can avoid the bad water be in our basic facility

Drinking water is the water treatment processes or no processes eligible and can be drunk directly. for us and many other people with the usual process to boil water so bacteria and germs-bacteria die. In addition to normal drinking water consumed is clear, odorless and has no taste, commonly called the white water. biologically contained.