Cannot Survive in Bad Water

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cannot Survive in Bad Water

Man cannot survive without drinking water for some days, but it is shorter in desert or arid regions, but there is still a problem to get healthy water.
Because of the drinking water problems that occur are usually brown or have a high content of chlorine is required a solution that everyone can consume safely.   There are many businesses refill drinking water but some do not have official permission even no laboratory test or  public agency that ensure the water was fit for drinking.

One advanced drinking water solutions with UV technology that can transform tap water into drinking water is pure. Equipment water purifier or a water purifier is particularly suitable applied in the household because it requires no electricity and can be drunk straight from the tap without having to boil the water first.

Apparatus to make a pure excellence water: it can protect water from harmful germs that already through laboratory testing in the UK and can be connected directly to the water pipe without having to recharge.

Stages in the purification pure it include sediment filter to remove visible dirt, activated carbon filters to remove parasites, taste and odor, plus sediment filter to remove residual impurities carbon and the last is a high UV light to eliminate bacteria, germs, parasites dangerous, so you cannot be healthy without  water and cannor survive without healthy drinking  water.

Although sold at a price of IDR 2.5 million, but in a month we can save by not needing to buy a gallon of water many times that is not necessarily healthy plus the cost of electricity to heat the water in a gallon. The solution for healthy drinking water, comfortable, practical, and net is pure it.

Hopefully, with this blog I write to invite more people to care about the health through drinking water consumption and costs to purify is more affordable again for many people. it cannot live well with basic facility of  bad water.