Pain in the Back

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pain in the Back

If you have pain in the back is missing and then it arises again in a few days, this is an 'alarm' that something is wrong with your body. Consider whether your back pain that include acute or chronic.
Back pain can be acute stabbing pain or stiffness, which appear suddenly and disappear a few days or weeks later. Often acute back pain is indication that your back is in  injury condition, and the pain will disappear when you recover.
It is called chronic back pain if you feel it every day for more than 3 months. This pain can disappear within a year or so or even permanently. Chronic back pain is sometimes preceded by an acute injury, strained back muscles, sprains, or pain that does not go away.

Injuries, sprains, muscle fatigue or tear, and aging, the most common cause of back pain. In 95 percent of cases of back pain, the cause is related to the work the ligaments and muscles of the back. Although usually pain or back pain appears suddenly, usually caused by muscle tension due to your movements for some time.
Many people who suffer from back pain and called it a 'pinched nerve'.

The truth is, intervetebral plate (the soft pads between the vertebrae) is torn and change shape so choke spinal cord. Sometimes these plates nerve crush sciatic leading to the feet or hands, until the pain in the back felt also in the feet or hands.This is called sciatica.

Be careful with this pain, and consult your doctor to heal the pain.