12 Tips for Lowering Risk of Heart Attack

Saturday, February 2, 2013

12 Tips for Lowering Risk of Heart Attack
Heart illness is the leading cause of loss of life in the modern era. Not only in western world, in developing nations such as Indonesia, too. Changes in the environment, eating plan, lifestyle, is partly to blame for rising situations of heart failure.

Some conditions, such as age, hypertension, arrhythmia, high-cholesterol, diabetic issues, pressure can improve your danger for cardiac problems.

Tips below hopefully can reduced your danger of cardiac arrest and stroke:

1. Work out every day. You do not need strenuous exercise to decrease this danger. You do not need to be a race two time per day, average exercise alone can prevent cardiac arrest 30-50 per cent. Fitness, such as brisk walking, jogging for 30 minutes that you do at least 5 periods per weeks time is enough. Unfortunately, most of us are very difficult to get started and keep it. Actually, continuity is essential. If you are a race 2 hour, or play tennis once per weeks time, while you are old enough, in reality it can encourage strokes.

2. Lose your bodyweight. Obesity with all its consequences is an essential danger aspect for cardiac arrest. When you overweght or obese, we know from your BMI, or even normal bodyweight but your belly fat, you have to decrease it. Reducing bodyweight is only 5-10 % of your current bodyweight can reduce cholestrerol levels levels, hypertension level and blood vessels glucose levels.

3. Consider your dish. Complete most of your dish with vegetables, fruits and vegetables, meals that contain lots of fiber. Boost your protein from nuts, seafood, and less red beef. If you like to eat beef, choose one that does not contain fat. Selecting sensible food alone can prevent cardiac arrest by 24 %. The menu is Mediterranean eating plan contains a lot of vegetables, whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, and seafood is proven to prevent cardiac arrest.

4. Give up cigarette smoking. Smoking is considered a major danger aspect for cardiac problems. Your danger increases 2-4 periods suffer from heart related illnesses than nonsmokers. In the United States each season 46,000 individuals die from cardiac arrest just because so passive smokers. 443,000 deaths due to cardiac arrest due to cigarette smoking. So, giving up cigarette smoking is one of the essential techniques for you to decrease this danger.

5. If you are taking heart medications, do not leave. Cardiovascular medication provided by your physician, a competent physician should keep you consuming. Studies have shown 130,000 individuals each season die in America because of cardiac arrest caused by not consuming the center of a given drug.

6. Eat a little delicious chocolate. Several research that consuming delicious chocolate a few periods per weeks time lowered the danger of cardiac arrest 40 %, 30 % diabetic issues and heart stroke. But there is no certainty that the quantity is secure for you to eat delicious chocolate. Therefore in accordance with the principle, although it is good, extreme amounts may not be good as well. So, to get a profit without danger, eat a average quantity, not extreme.

7. Liquor. For those of you who eat alcohol, a little alcohol can also reduced the danger of cardiac arrest. But because alcohol is addictive, maintaining a secure quantity, bit it difficult. Meanwhile, if you consume extreme alcohol actually improve your danger.

8. Take care of your oral health. Clean tooth, healthier reduced your danger of cardiac arrest. Teeth can also become a focal infection that can spread to the center. Healthy tooth may reflect a proper and balanced heart. Check with the state of your tooth to the dentist periodically.

9. Do not overeat. Not only choosing eating plan plans is essential for your heart. Overeating can encourage strokes. Center strikes often occur 2 time after you eat berlebiham (big meal). You eat a little better, then repeated again. The Prophet Muhammad advocated, fill one-third of your stomach with food, one third water and one-third of the other kosongkanlah.

10. Be individual. Patience in the experience of pressure kehidupn now very essential. Since hyper pressure is always there in front of your eyes. Many situations of cardiac arrest triggered by the pressure you encounter this attitude. Angry, bigoted, tidk individual often precedes cardiac arrest.

11. Grin. Always adorn your experience with a grin. The smile is medication, a grin that you distribute to anyone going back to your own. A smile makes you glad, satisfied, satisfied, satisfied, your heart will be pounding more calm and orderly. With a grin easier to control your emotions.

12. Recognize the warning signs of heart well. When you understand the warning signs of cardiac arrest properly, your danger of loss of life from strokes also declined. By knowing the signs, of course you will leibih quickly seek help. Get help fast and precisely determine the outcome of therapy given.

Heart Attack is very danger you must stoping it.